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We " Meteor Co.,Ltd " are one the largest used vehicle exporters In Japan.Since established in 2008, we have grown fast and stably due to continuous support from over thousand of customers around the world. Today, we sell quality and affordable Japanese used vehicles to more than 50 countries directly from Japan. is ultimate on-line shop where you can find all kind of Japanese vehicles at the Lowest price you 've ever seen.

Here's what we offer,
  • Direct trade from users to End-users
  • Cut wasteful cost revolutionary to realize the lowest margin.
  • Professional inspection & services
  • Experienced staff assists your purchasing
  • Back up Spare parts
What to do
Meteor Co., Ltd dose not only export vehicles to oversea, But also has an operation of Auto Purchasing, Car Rentals, Repairing & Dress up, Part sales in Japan. Our largest sources of Quality used vehicles makes us better for us to realize entire customer satisfaction.

Staffs introduction & Contact address.

Sales Manager
Tetsushi Ishikawa
  Sales Manager
Wataru Shimizu
  Sales Manager
Venura Liyanage
Mika Kiwada
Mieko Okamura
James yamanaka
Assistant Sales
Sachi Suzuki
Junji Ichijima

Campany information

Address 907-3 Oaza Sakai, Kuwana city, Mie, JAPAN 511-0939
Phone +81-594-41-2627 / Fax +81-594-41-2628

Bank information

Bank NameThe Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd
Branch NameKuwana Branch
Bank Address36 Yuraku Kuwana Mie Japan #511-0079
Account Number#0023113
Account NameMETEOR Co.,Ltd

Business Summary

Our mission is deliver mobility to customers to change the world.

We have launched Japanese used car On-line Shop, to
reach end user's demand of Cheap used vehicles. Within our On-line shop
& Direct delivery, Customers can choose a vehicle easily and purchase with
peace of mind because all vehicles are already inspected, maintained and
washed before listed on the website. We are ready to support your car
purchase even if it is the first time to buy.

Our Strength

We put together a team to work on realizing to export quality cars at the lowest price directly from Japan.

Purchase Section

Keep The Highest quality thus reducing margin to the bottom.

We purchase used cars that are in good condition at acceptable prices. Every car on is carefully selected and inspected by our staff and affiliated inspectors at auction. We only purchase the chosen quality vehicles by the inspectors and set the best price on each car based on our original grading rule. Pay attention to a recent trend and demands to purchase used vehicles and provide every single value to customers.

Quality control Section

We guarantee Drive Away Condition through 120 points inspection
Every car on is guaranteed Drive Away Condition. In order to guarantee Drive Away Condition, we inspect every car 3 times including 120 points inspection before shipment. Should you have any problem with your car on arrival, please inform us. We accept your claim in accordance with Claim Policy.

Logistics Department

Provide reliable shipping delivery with timely update

Logistics Department is formed to provide "quick & safe delivery to out customers".
We ensure,

Secure space on the earliest vessel to your destination. Keep monitoring status of the shipment and timely updating. Arrange shipment from Ro-Ro to 40Ft Container delivery.

We do our best to delivery your vehicle at all time!

Quality Control inspection - 3 times through 120 points are carried out.

We inspect every car 3times before Buying, Listing and Shipment by professional mechanics.
  • First Inspection before purchase
    Our professional inspectors confirm condition of every car on-site before purchase. This is the first inspection. Only carefully-selected cars in good condition can be listed up on purchase list. Then our purchasers buy cars from the list.
  • Second Inspection after purchase (Double check)
    The second inspection is carried out at our stock yard. Every car must be in Drive Away Condition. Our professional mechanics check Engine, Transmission, Air Condition, Exterior, Interior and Options based on 139 points inspection. If there is a damaged part on exterior, we take a closed photo to explain actual car condition for review.
  • Third Inspection before shipment ( ensure high-standard quality )
    The third inspection is carried out before shipment. It is completely to avoid any malfunction on the vehicle we ship to customers.
    • In addition, we arrange JAAI, Jevic inspection to meet the regulation of certain destination country.
    • Of all quality inspection, we ensure our vehicles to be in Drive Away Condition to meet your full satisfaction.
  • 120 Inspection Program
    We thoroughly inspect every car for 120 points keeping high quality standard to customers. Within our long experience of dealing vehicles, we know weakness points of each model to enhance our quality standard. The program enables us to supply the same condition as you see on the website.
    See What is 120 points inspection program?

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our staff are committed, friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. Our vehicles are purchased through over 100 auctions and dealerships. Each and every vehicle arrives at our facility to go through a complete inspection and any maintenance needs are noted and corrected before shipment. Any questions or comments will be answered quickly and accurately and we will keep you informed throughout each and every step of your purchase

Sales team / METEOR CO.,ltd
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