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Buy Cheap Japanese Vehicles from Japan to South Sudan

Many Japanese Right hand vehicles are being used in South Sudan. Those are bought from neighboring countries and still higher price than buying from Japan. While buying vehicles from neighbors or local blocker are popular in South Sudan, we sell Quality vehicles from Japan directly at the Cheap price. To import a used vehicle from Japan is very easy and save you a lot of Money ! Try our company and compare with other sources so that you can be sure we are the best place to buy a vehicles to South Sudan.

No worries ! we can deliver your vehicle to your family in South Sudan.

If you are abroad to buy a vehicle for your family in South Sudan, There is no worries. You simply choose a vehicle and make an order /Payment so that we can send your vehicles to your nominated family member or friend. kindly contact your sales staff for more information
Hi, For item description.I cant comment on this because i havent seen the car yet. Then on the DHL you forgot to indicate my number so it took time for me to correct it.

Popular Japanese used vehicles in South Sudan

TOYOTANOAH ATPetrol2,000cc Price US$769
Price US$2,595
Price US$1,040
Price US$1,683
Price US$1,452
Price US$900
Price US$1,768

Procedure of Clearing to South Sudan.

Our delivery is up to Mombasa port for South Sudan. Upon arrival in Mombasa, You can choose 2 ways.
  • Collect the vehicles by yourself ( or you nominated Family or Friend ) in Mombasa
  • Used the clearing agent to deliver your vehicle up to Nimule boarder of South Sudan.
If you use Clearing agent #2, Kindly contact clearing agent we recommend as below,

SDV Transintra Sudan Ltd (Mombasa) +249-183-48-92-31 MOMBASA

Most Common Questions from South Sudan

How can I know if is a trustworthy company? own by Meteor is a trustworthy Company because we are being registered as dealer of Used vehicles and have a large experience of exporting vehicles to oversea customers. We sell over two hundreds of vehicles to our customers in oversea every month. Kindly see our company profile
How Can l I know when my payment has been deposited into your account?
It is important that you provide us proof of payment to secure your order. Once the payment has been made?at your side, please send us a confirmation of payment together with the proforma invoice number or Vehicle REF no by Email or Fax. Once your payment is confirmed at our account, our sales staff will notify you immediately.
How much time will it take to reach Japan's bank account?
After you have made the payment it usually takes between 2 to 7 days for the funds to reflect in our account. We continuously check our account and we will notify you a confirmation email as soon as the funds are confirmed here. Please always have your invoice number when you complete a payment, to avoid problems in identifying it when it reaches us.
What does the price on the invoice mean?
Price of the invoice is based on CIF terms that includes:
  1. Vehicle price (including documentation costs).
  2. Shipping delivery and insurance.
  3. Warranty.
  4. Pre- inspections (if requested by your Country).
  5. Options you have requested.
Price of the invoice in FOB terms includes:
Vehicle (including documentation costs).
Note :
The price does not include Clearing costs and Taxes once the vehicle reaches the final destination (unless otherwise indicated)
What does "CIF" stands for?
It stands for Cost Insurance and Freight. This includes vehicle cost, insurance and shipping cost to port of destination.
How do I know that the mileage indicated is true?
We do not tamper with the mileage in the vehicle for any case and for any reason. The mileage of some vehicles are sometimes extremely low, but this is possible in Japanese Cities where people rely mainly of means of public transportation. The Mileage records are available on every vehicle we have. They are being mentioned on the export certificate which we provide with shipping document.
See other FAQ

How to import to Zambia

1.Select and order a car
Choose your vehicle on our website and proceed to order. Select your country and port of delivery to place an order.
2.Get a proforma invoice
You'll receive a proforma invoice for your vehicle by email once you place an order.
3.Make payment
Once youIve made Payment, Kindly send us payment copy to secure the car. We'll reserve the car for 3days.
4.JEVIC inspection
After payment, JEVIC inspection is carried out and ensure your vehicle is very good condition.
Your vehicle is shipped out upto Mombasa, Kenya. It normally takes approximately 4 weeks from Japan.
6.Sending documents
Once the vessel is shipped out, our logistics team send you all necessary document including bill of landing and other documents.
7.Arrival and Pick up
Once the vehicle is arrived, you can pick the vehicle by yourself for self-driving to Nimule or clearing agents will arrange the local delivery up to Boarder of South Sudan.
8.Clear from customs
Register your vehicle and Enjoy driving!!
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