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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. About JapancarsDirect.com
  2. Buying a vehicle
  3. Invoice contents and terms
  1. Payments
  2. Shipment and delivery
  3. Vehicles, options and extras
  4. Spare Parts

1. About JapancarsDirect.com
How can I know if JapancarsDirect.com. is a trustworthy company?
JapanCarsDirect.com own by Meteor is a trustworthy Company because we are being registered as dealer of Used vehicles and have a large experience of exporting vehicles to oversea customers. We sell over two hundreds of vehicles to our customers in oversea every month.
Kindly see our company profile

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How do you source your vehicles?
Our professional buyers carefully choose and purchase quality vehicles from certified auctions, wholesale car markets and selected partners to provide you with high quality vehicles at an afford-ably low price.

How often do you update your stock on the website?
We update our stock list every day around 9:00PM in Japan time.

When can I call your office?
You can call us during the day, our business hours are: Monday to Saturday, between 9:00am to 19:00PM

What if I have additional questions?
Our friendly Sales Team are always ready to serve you. Please contact us anytime, preferred via Email, but you can also contact us by phone, fax Please click here for our contact details.

2. Purchasing a vehicle.

How can I purchase Japanese used cars from JapanCarsDirect.com?

There are Easy- five steps to purchase a used vehicle from us
  1. Choose your vehicle.
  2. Order a free quotation.
  3. Complete the payment
  4. You vehicle is shipped
  5. Receive your vehicle and enjoy driving!
Read more about "Five easy steps to purchase a vehicle".

How do I select a vehicle?
It is simple and easy! From our web page you can search your vehicle by Type or by Make. You can also search by price or year of vehicle to find the right car for your needs.

How can I print out a stock list?
You can download our updated stock lists from our downloads page and print them out if you wish.
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Can I request for a vehicle which is not on the list?
Yes, You can request a vehicle you would like to purchase to us anytime Please contact us directly to our Sales staff.

How can I have more information about the condition of the vehicle I am interested in?
If you have a specific question about a vehicle, you may contact our sales team. Please have the stock number (REF) ready for reference.

How Can I know if the vehicle is suitable for my Country?
You can see important notice about your Country regulations in the quotation page when you choose your Country and Port. However please check with your local authorities before importing, as it is not possible for us to track all local regulations, since they are constantly changing. It is the responsibility of the Importer to confirm the Import Regulations of the final destination Country.

How do I find out the total price I have to pay?
To easily check the total price for a vehicle, enter the stock list page and select the country and port so that the total price ( CIF ) will be shown on the page. In some special cases the shipping cost cannot be calculated automatically. Please finalize the order and we will email you a free invoice with the total quotation within 2 working days.

How can I get a pro-forma invoice ?
You can quickly apply for a free pro-forma invoice directly from our website. Open the details page of the vehicle you want, then click "Get a Free quotation". Follow the instructions in the next few pages and we will email you a FREE pro-forma invoice shortly. Alternatively, you can download and print the Order Form, complete it and fax or email it to us We will email or fax your free pro-forma invoice within one business day. Click here to download an order form.

When can I receive my invoice?
When you apply for a free invoice online, we will show you a Proforma invoice online right on time and will email you the same invoice shortly. For orders made by email or fax we will give you the invoice within 2 business day.
3. Invoice contents and conditions

What does the price on the invoice mean?
Price of the invoice is based on CIF terms that includes:
  1. Vehicle price (including documentation costs).
  2. Shipping delivery and insurance.
  3. Warranty.
  4. Pre- inspections (if requested by your Country).
  5. Options you have requested.
Price of the invoice in FOB terms includes:
1. Vehicle (including documentation costs).

Note : The price does not include Clearing costs and Taxes once the vehicle reaches the final destination (unless otherwise indicated)

What does "CIF" stands for?
It stands for Cost Insurance and Freight. This includes vehicle cost, insurance and shipping cost to port of destination.

What does "FOB" stands for?
FOB stands for Free On Board. It is the cost of the vehicle plus documentation. It does not include freight, insurance, or any other charges.

What kind of warranty do you offer?
We offer you a warranty option to protect any loss and damage might happen during transportation or at the destination port.

Marine insurance
Price: US$ 100(optional).
Covers: vessel sinking, fire, or loss of cargo, damage (except by force majeure) and theft (except original audio/accessories).
Coverage Limit: full CIF amount.
Coverage Area: from initial Departure port to Pick up point at your destination seaport yard (BEFORE DELIVERY).
NO CLAIMS ACCEPTED after you or your clearing agent picks your vehicle at your destination seaport yard.

Standard Cover
Price: US$ 50 (compulsory).
Covers: vessel sinking, fire, or loss of cargo.
Coverage Limit: full CIF amount.
Coverage Area: from initial Departure port to Unloading point at your destination seaport yard.
NO CLAIMS ACCEPTED after unloading your vehicle at your destination seaport yard.

What dose JAAI inspection mean?
The JAAI inspection is a paid certification of the quality of the vehicle approved by the JAAI. (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute). In some Countries the Government requires JAAI inspections for imported used vehicles. Without JAAI inspection, you will be required to pay a penalty.

What is JEVIC inspection?
The Jevic Inspection is a paid certification of the quality of the vehicle approved by the JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center). In some Countries the Government requires Jevic inspection for imported used vehicles from Japan. Without its inspection, you will be required to pay a penalty.

What does "Consignee" mean?
The consignee is the person entitled to receive delivery of the vehicle ( goods ). The name is listed on the Bill of Lading and all the documents relative to the vehicle we ship.

What does "Courier Address" mean?
Courier address is the postal address where we will send your shipping documents.

What is "RO-RO Shipment"?
Shipment by Ro-Ro (Roll on-Roll off) refers to shipment done with vessels such as Car Carrier vessel where the vehicles are loaded and unloaded by driving them into and out of the ship. Such shipments are usually speedier and cheaper than container shipments. Ro-Ro shipments are widely available major delivery destination.

What is "Container Shipment"?
Container delivery is common delivery method of the goods in these days.
There are two type of container 20Ft, and 40Fts we provide quotations upon your request.
In some destination, ( No Ro-Ro vessel ), we use 20Ft container ( 1 or 2 vehicles) and 40Ft containers ( 2-5 vehicles ) for the delivery out from Japan.

What is "Vanning"?
"Vanning" is the process of loading and packing vehicles in the container, vehicles inside a container to avoid damages in case of rough ocean conditions during the transportation.

What does "Final Destination" mean?
"Final Destination" defines the Country where you will register your vehicle.

4. Payments

What method of payment do you accept?
We accept payments via Telegraphic Transfer and PayPal. For more detailed information, please see our "Payment Method" page.

What are the terms of payment?
All vehicles you ordered must be paid in full before starting shipping procedure. We will arrange the shipping process once our bank confirms that full payment has been received.

What currencies do you accept?
The payment should be remitted in US Dollars, as indicated in our invoices. If you wish to pay in another currency (Japanese Yen / Euro / UK Pound ) please contact us after receiving your invoice so that we will send you a revised invoice with you preferred currency.

Where can I find your bank account details?
Our bank account details can be found on the "Payment page"

We can accept your payments in installments. We request the confirmed final balance within 6 weeks from the first payment. If you wish to pay in installments, please contact us before beginning the payment.

How Can l I know when my payment has been deposited into your account?
It is important that you provide us proof of payment to secure your order. Once the payment has been made at your side, please send us a confirmation of payment together with the proforma invoice number or Vehicle REF no by Email or Fax. Once your payment is confirmed at our account, our sales staff will notify you immediately.

How much time will it take to reach Japan's bank account?
After you have made the payment it usually takes between 2 to 7 days for the funds to reflect in our account. We continuously check our account and we will notify you a confirmation email as soon as the funds are confirmed here. Please always have your invoice number when you complete a payment, to avoid problems in identifying it when it reaches us.

5. Shipment and delivery

Where do you export your vehicles?
We export everywhere that allows importation of used vehicles from Japan.

Why do I give you my physical address?
The physical address is a requirement by the shipping Companies and Courier Companies that will be involved in the delivery process. Any discrepancies may or may not caused a delay of delivery. So it is best to ensure the correct consignee details are listed. We understand some Nations do not have a physical address. If there is no physical address where you live, Kindly include your street or building name and provide the nearest Village or Town together with the P.O. Box address.

When can I receive my vehicle?
After we receive your payment we will arrange the shipping procedure immediately. It usually take an average of two weeks to book the vessel, then approximately between two and six weeks for the vessel to arrive at your delivery destination port. Booking and departure date of vessels vary greatly according to destination. Our team of shipping staff will arrange the quick booking and will inform you of the delivery schedule via E-mail shortly.

Please contact us before making an order if you have a concerning the delivery of the vehicle.

When will I know the departure of my vehicle ?
After the shipping companies confirm the booking of the vessel for your vehicle, our shipping department will email you the time of departure (ETD) and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Which documents will I receive?
We will send the B/L (Bill of Lading), Commercial Invoice, and other necessary documents specific for your Country to your consignee address or indicated clearing agent.

When will I receive my shipping documents?
We will send you the shipping documents via express courier (DHL etc) a few days after the vessel with your vehicle leaves Japan. Delivery takes usually seven days time.

Can I track my documents once they have been dispatched?
Yes you can track your documents. We usually use DHL for sending documents. They provide a tracking number on each package. You can use this number to track the package on the DHL tracking system.

What do I do for the customs clearance?
Once the vehicle arrives at the port, it will be your responsibility to arrange customs clearance. If you are not in a position to clear the vehicle by yourself, you can hire a local agent to arrange customs clearance. Please contact your local clearing agent for the necessary steps in advanced of the arrival of the car. If you do not know the agent, please contact us, and we will introduce our preferred agents.

What will I have to pay once I receive the vehicle?
Upon reception of the vehicle you will have to pay port clearing charge, import duties and taxes and any additional fee requested by your Country or by the port of destination. Please verify with local authorities or a good clearing agent for more details.

6. Vehicles condition and options

How do you grade the vehicles?
During the quality control our inspectors verify the vehicle conditions.
Here is Grading of the vehicles.

7New Vehicle, or like new condition
no scratches or dents
6Excellent condition
There may be some slight scratches or very small dents.
5Very Good condition
There may be some scratches and dents.Interior of vehicle may require some cleaning. Engine is sound.
4Good condition
There are some scratches and dents.Interior may require cleaning or repair. May require some repair to exterior. But Engine is still sound.
3Ordinary condition
There are some scratches and dents.Interior may require cleaning or repair. May require some repair to exterior. Engine may require some attention(e.g.change oil, check plugs,check battery etc.)
2Rough condition
There may be some unsightly scratches and dents. Engine will require a good tune-up or may require repairs.
1Damaged condition
Vehicle is in accident.Damaged condition. Repairs will be required to exterior, and maybe engine/interior.

How do I know that the mileage indicated is true?
We do not tamper with the mileage in the vehicle for any case and for any reason. The mileage of some vehicles are sometimes extremely low, but this is possible in Japanese Cities where people rely mainly of means of public transportation. The Mileage records are available on every vehicle we have. They are being mentioned on the export certificate which we provide with shipping document.

Do I need to pay for the CD or DVD player ?
If you need a guaranteed Audio that works in perfectly your Country we recommend you to purchase one of our stereo options.

What is "Maintenance package"?
When you choose "Maintenance Package" we will perform the following maintenance on the vehicle:
  • Installation of new oil
  • Installation of new battery

Will the vehicle come with an audio if I don't choose any stereo option?
If you don't choose any audio option we will send the vehicle with audio as is. If any audio was already installed in the car, we will leave it but we will not check or guarantee its functionality.

What is the year of the vehicle?
The year of the vehicle is the year of first registration of the vehicle in Japan. This is the legal year of the vehicle in Japan and appears on all the documents of the vehicle itself. In Japan the year of production of the vehicle is not disclosed and can sometimes differ from the year of first registration of the vehicle.

What is "seatbelts year"?
Seatbelt year is the year of production of the seatbelts. This has no legal meaning in Japan.

How many keys do I get with the vehicle?
Every vehicle is provided with at least one key. When spare keys are available, we will send them together with the vehicle.

Does the vehicle come with an English manual?
The vehicles are Japanese domestic models and are not equipped with an English owners manual. It is possible to obtain a translation on Internet. If you need English manual , Kindly contact your sales man for assistance.

Will the GPS navigation system installed in the vehicle work in my Country?
No, the GPS navigation system installed in the vehicle is for Japan only. It is not possible to update its maps for different Countries.

7. Spare parts

Can you source spare parts?
Yes , Our Spare part department can source all kind of Spares for you.
You can visit our Spare site www.JapanPartsonline.com and fill in the request form of your spare or contact your sale man.
Click here to access our spare part service page.

Can you supply parts for Japanese cars for overseas market and not imported directly from Japan?
Overseas model parts are not available in Japan. Parts for overseas models are sold in the country where the new vehicle was sold. In the cases the parts number is available we might be able to find compatible parts in Japan.

Could you send us the pictures of the parts to make sure the parts quoted are the ones I need?
We are sorry but we cannot take pictures of the parts because we source them from our suppliers only after you complete your order. We do our best to get the correct parts by getting details and diagrams to double check the items we are selling.

Can I pay with my credit card ?
Yes, we do accept credit card payments for orders of spare parts.
If you want to pay by credit card please contact our spare parts team and follow their instructions.

How long does it take to deliver the parts to my address?
Delivery of parts by air courier normally takes from 5 days to 1 week.
The delivery to ocean freight to the destination port takes around one month, one month and a half.

Can you ship the parts inside the car I am buying?
No, we cannot ship the parts inside a vehicle unless the vehicle is shipped by container method and in your name.

Can you send the parts by sea-mail or air-mail?
Yes, we can send parts by air-mail or sea-mail. This is not recommendable because these methods are not traceable and cannot be insured.

Why is air freight so expensive?
Air freight seems expensive especially but it is fast, safe and traceable.
Our courier freight rates are far more reasonable than regular rates for we are granted very favorable terms for bulk orders.

Can I return the part if it is a wrong one?
Wrong parts provided based on erroneous information are not returnable.

Is there any warranty on new parts?
Parts sold in Japan are warrantied for domestic use only so we cannot offer any warranty on them.
To avoid any inconvenience, we check all the parts before we pack to make sure you get the right quality parts.
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